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Orlando, FL, August 7, 2000 – hired Mike Handy, former President/CEO of to lead’s Sales and Marketing effort. "Mr. Handy developed successful sales and marketing campaigns that resulted in converting 10% of Internet visitors to buyers with over 33% of their total business coming from the Internet. Mr. Handy will lead’s sales and marketing efforts, as well as take charge of new business development. Mr. Handy has 12 years of accomplishment in building successful sales and marketing programs in customer service related companies,” said Michael McAlpin, netYAK President and co-founder.  “In order to quickly obtain national market presence, Mr. Handy plans to partner with the top five ISPs in every major market in the US to re-sell netYAK services to their current customers. Mr. Handy’s customer relations focus will help our alliance partners improve their customers’ web sites and their profitability. He is an exciting addition to the team."

"As Director of Sales and Marketing I have a great opportunity to help our business customers and alliance partners improve their customer relations and increase their Internet sales. If netYAK can turn just 1% of a company’s web surfers into buyers this will increase the average businesses Internet sales by 100%,” said Mike Handy, netYAK Director of Sales and Marketing. “Voice enabling a web site brings better customer service and incremental sales, it’s not rocket science.  With 40 million PC to phone users today, growing to 416 million in 2004, the netYAK vision of 'Voice over anything, anytime, anywhere' will add new and exciting capabilities to Internet sites and users – worldwide."


About netYAK inc. develops services that deliver voice content on the Internet. The Company’s first offering, the netYAK™ Service, enables a web site owner to receive phone calls from anyone’s PC, anywhere on the Internet. This patent pending service delivers digital cellular quality phone calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology., inc., a privately held Florida Corporation, was established in 1999 to deliver the best form of communication, the human voice, to e-businesses. The simplicity, effectiveness, and privacy of the netYAK™ Service significantly enhances the use and growth of e-commerce, whether in business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) or customer relationship management (CRM) environments., inc.
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