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Orlando, FL, June 28, 2000 – sponsored the inaugural meeting of the Team Of Professional Internet Entrepreneurs (TOPIE). “TOPIE’s mission is to emphasize value-creation through informed entrepreneurship”, said Dr. Guru Prasad, TOPIE co-founder. “With netYAK’s support, we can provide a forum for guests such as Alan Fulmer, President of, to speak on issues related to entrepreneurship. This benefits both the TOPIE membership and Central Florida’s Internet based industries. Alan Fulmer’s talk focused on the challenges of setting up a dot com company, including what needs to be done to turn an idea into a viable business venture.

“TOPIE provides Central Florida’s Internet entrepreneurs with an environment that fosters business and professional development”, said Michael McAlpin, netYAK co-founder. “TOPIE will become a vital resource to the region’s high technology businesses by providing a springboard for sharing experiences and building collaborative relationships. netYAK is proud to sponsor an organization that is dedicated to helping hi-tech professionals realize all of the potential available in our area.”



TOPIE is a not-for-profit, member driven, focused organization of Information Technology (IT) professionals. TOPIE’s mission is to bring Central Florida's Hi-Tech community together by providing a forum for information exchange and networking, to create an atmosphere that enhances Central Florida's IT infrastructure, attract talent and capital to Central Florida, and increase creativity through members' shared experiences.

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